1/6/17 Matthew G., Owner & Sound Engineer at Jr. Productions, Springfield, IL

"ALWAYS had a fun time with each and every performance I was privileged to board operate for you... you cats always made me smile and enjoy your performances."

1/5/17 Mary Jo U., Keokuk, IA

"Thanks for the great music and entertainment! What a great show!"

1/5/17 Paul D., Sherman, IL

"Your enthusiasm is infectious."

1/4/17 Garry C., New Berlin, IL

"Thank you Kevin for the heart and soul you put into the show."

1/3/17 Pat C., Warrensburg, IL

"Kevin you're a great musician and most of all you're an entertainer with a heart... you love the people who come to see you."

1/3/17 Thomas H., Sound Engineer, Audio Technical Services, Inc., Springfield, IL

"I always had a great time when I had the chance to work with y'all. You're a great front man and always put on a a show."

1/3/17 Dave H., Sound Engineer, Harris Sound & Lighting, Springfield, IL

"You're the man! And KING, of entertainment in Springfield."

1/3/17 Patti B., Springfield, IL

"Great night of music at Pop's Place."

1/2/17 Crystal P., Bluffs, IL

"Love hearing you guys play!"

11/11/16 Mary R., Springfield, IL

"I would like to thank you and the band for giving us some of the most fun and memorable nights. Your enthusiasm is contagious and your talent sublime."

11/10/16 Anne K., Springfield, IL

"Thanks for the music, great fun, wonderful times!!"

11/10/16 Ray P., Springfield, IL

"Thanx for all the music and entertainment guys"

11/8/16 Kip N., Springfield, IL

"One of the true entertainers in our Area!!! One of a kind..."

11/8/16 Jared S., Program Director, WBTS 'The Beat' St. Louis

"Hi Hipbone Sam, I listened to your music and liked it a lot. Email me."

11/8/16 Jim S., Springfield, IL

"You guys are great!!!"

11/8/16 Greg G., Venue Owner, Tailgaters Pub, Leroy, IL

"Truly an awesome Band"

11/8/16 Lena E., Decatur, IL

"Thanks for all the good music and entertainment!"

10/27/16 Rebecca J., Springfield, IL

"Congratulations on your Illinois Times best blues band. You guys are fantastic."

8/28/16 Triangle Bar & Grill, Venue, Woodson, IL

"What a great Summerfest!"

7/14/16 Amanda H., Greenfield, IL

"If you haven't seen Hipbone Sam here is your chance! Get out and enjoy the State Fair and the BEST live music you can find!"

7/3/16 Mary H., Macomb, IL

"Our family had such an amazing time watching you dudes play. Thank you for treating Lucas like a rock star!!!"

5/25/16 Todd S., Canton, IL

"Just checked you guys out, great sound and cool songs!"

5/4/16 Sandra D., Program Director, WMIC Radio- Miami

"I listened to your music and liked it a lot."

3/6/16 Charlie E., Venue Owner, Evandy's Boatel, Naples, IL

"Great show last night! Always great to see you!"

1/30/16 Steve P., Springfield, IL

"Great times at Hipbone Sam open mics!"

11/3/15 Illinois Times, Newspaper, Springfield, IL

"Without your music, we'd be feeling pretty blue. Congratulations Hipbone Sam!"

10/31/15 Jimmy B., Springfield, IL

"Great time at the Halloween Jam Hipbone... Thank you!"

8/16/15 Ritchie C., Springfield, IL

"had a very good time... your show just like all of them are superb!"

6/27/15 Brenda B., Springfield, IL

"So much fun... love you all. Thank you!!!"

6/7/15 Bryan T., Beardstown, IL

"u guys kicked ass last night"

6/5/15 Sheila B., Decatur, IL

"What a great band they rock the place! See them anytime you can friends!"

5/20/15 Russ A., Springfield, IL

"Hipbone Sam is my favorite blues rockin rollin party!"

4/28/15 Kathy G., Springfield, IL

"Great music and entertainment! You won't want to miss Hip Bone's venue!!"

4/12/15 Pop's Place, Decatur, IL VENUE

"What an entertaining evening with Hipbone Sam last nite! Great show guys!"

2/23/15 Steve S., Springfield, IL

"Kevin is an entertainer... If you were in a bad mood you won't be for long when you go to a Hipbone Sam show! :-)"

1/4/15 Trudi J., Palm Springs FL

"Love me some Hip Bone!!!"

12/14/14 Larry S., CA

"Brown Paper Bag is awesome..."

12/13/14 Tara N., Roodhouse, IL

"Love your band u was great tonight up at two dogs bar in roodhouse IL thanks for coming"

12/6/14 Arrow S., Alsey, IL

"Love it! They have soul!"

11/30/14 Robin H., Lincoln, IL

"Great show!!! Had an amazing time!"

11/16/14 Kuhl Tyme Korner, Jacksonville, IL VENUE

"Thank you Hipbone Sam... what a great time we had!!! Music was awesome as usual!!! Always looking forward to the next time!"

11/2/14 Pop's Place, Decatur, IL VENUE

"A HUGE thank you to Hipbone Sam for a very entertaining evening!"

11/2/14 Carol V., Harristown, IL

"One of our all time favorite bands, rocked the place tonight at Pops Place, A great big shout out to Hip Bone Sam, OMG, amazing as always."

11/2/14 Jessica R., Decatur, IL

"You guys were awesome last night!"

10/19/14 Kuhl Tyme Korner, Jacksonville, IL VENUE

"Had a wonderful time with Hip Bone!!! You guys rock!!! Can't wait until November!!!"

10/19/14 Deanna G., Springfield, IL

"It was a very fun night at the Curve! You guys rocked & sounded great!"

9/6/14 Cinda W., Decatur, IL

"Had such a fun time listening to you all last nite!"

9/1/14 Trish M., Keokuk, IA for Keokuk Yacht Club VENUE

"You guys rocked it Saturday night! Thanks for celebrating our Summer's Over Bash with us. Hope to have you again soon!"

9/1/14 Renee H., Meredosia, IL

"Another great show by Hipbone Sam at Evandy's last night! Great job guys!"

8/25/14 Evandy's Boatel, Naples, IL VENUE

"One of the most entertaining bands around! Can you say "Bongo solo?""


8/24/14 Laura G., Decatur, IL

"You guys totally rocked Pops Place tonite; Dustin and I had a blast! Ty so much! Can't wait to see you again!!!"

8/16/14 Bonnie L., Woodson, IL

"Love you tonight Hipbone Sam as always!!!"

8/4/14 Debbie P., Morton, IL

"For those of you who have not seen this band, you don't know what your missing... They are GREAT... Get out and see them..."

7/20/14 Tammy S., Havana, IL

"You guys rock!!! Had a great time at the Brick :-)"

7/6/14 Sue R., Decatur, IL

"Great rocking band! ALWAYS FUN!"

6/27/14 Pamela S., Mt Sterling, IL Owner of Uptowne City-Limits

"Some of the best musicians I've seen in quite some time! Very impressed!"

6/7/14 Judy N., Jacksonville, IL

"Gotta tell ya folks, if you haven't went to see and listen to Hip Bone Sam... do it! They put on one hell of a show and play every kind of music. Saw them last night at the Depot...love them!"

6/7/14 West Morgan Depot, Jacksonville, IL VENUE

"We had a good crowd and it worked out amazing it was a awesome band and everyone enjoyed the music."

6/6/14 Brenda B., Springfield, IL

"Had an awesome time at the Curve Inn last night with Hipbone Sam..."

6/6/14 April S., Springfield, IL

"Can't always get what u want but hipbone Sam give u what u need!!!"

6/5/14 Lisa C., Springfield, IL

"I had a fantastically awesome time with Hipbone Sam tonight at the Curve Inn!!!"

5/4/14 Zero Tolerance, Lincoln, IL VENUE

"Thank you Hip Bone Sam for making my Birthday Special! You guys sounded great as always!!"

5/3/14 Butch S., Mt. Pulaski, IL

"Very good. Would see them again."

4/27/14 Nathan S., Springfield, IL

"Had a great time rocking out at the grouch last night with Hipbone Sam. Can't wait to see them again."

4/2/14 Ruth H.

"I heard your band for the first time in New Holland Illinois last weekend and I had brought eight people with me and you were awesome."

4/2/14 Larry W., The Burg, IL

"If you have never seen Hip Bone Sam, you are cheating yourself. I promise you will have the time of your life with these guys. These guys are GREAT!!!! Don't miss it. I promise you'll have a great time."

3/18/14 Duane H., Springfield, IL

"Hipbone really rocked it! A great way to spend the night!!!!!"

3/18/14 Ashley B., Springfield, IL

"Fun. Fun. Fun. Rockin' the bongos w/Hipbone Sam! Band was oh sooo good!"

3/1/14 Leslie M.

"Dude you Rocked it last night, Fun time had by all. You have great energy."


1/30/14 Kim M., Virginia, IL


1/30/14 Mike M., Springfield, IL

"My band...the one and only Hip Bone Sam!!!!"

1/10/14 Victoria R., Decatur, IL

"Best NYE ever!!"

1/10/14 Jeff H., New Orleans, LA

"It was my best NYE ever also!  Can't wait for the next dance!"

1/10/14 Annie B., Jacksonville, IL

"Had a GREAT time on NYD at the triangle bar and grill with HIP BONE SAM."

1/2/14 Triangle Bar & Grill, Woodson, IL VENUE

"Wow!  What an awesome New Year's Day at the Triangle!! HIPBONE SAM BAND was AWESOME!"

1/1/14 Bonnie L., Jacksonville, IL

"Love ya! Had a great time!!!! Mama Bonnie"

1/1/14 Lisa Z., Warrensburg, IL

"Loved Hip Bone Sam, the party favors, the champagne.  Had a very nice NYE Thank you!!"

11/23/13 Bill B., Springfield, IL

"Great show last night.  First time I caught your act.  I'm hooked."

11/10/13 Pop's Place, Decatur, IL VENUE

"WOW what a fantastic nite of tremendous entertainment last nite~Hipbone Sam was amazing!  Thank you for such a delightful nite guys!"

11/10/13 Troy H., Decatur, IL

"Yeah, incredible night.  Great band, great people!! Lots of drinks poured!"

11/5/13 Shannon C., Lynneville, IL

"I love the upbeat and wild feel of your music.  You guys are awesome and we will continue to hear you when you are in the area."

11/1/13 Leslie C., Springfield, IL

"Congrats Hipbone on a well-deserved award Again!  Best Blues Band/Artist."

11/1/13 Michelle M., Springfield, IL

"Congratulations on another victory... Best Blues Band Ever!!! Love Ya Guys... Keep on Rockin!!!!!"

10/31/13 Evandy's Boatel, Naples, IL VENUE

"Thank you Hipbone Sam for the great shows you put on at the River!  Looking forward to next year! True entertainers!"

10/31/13 Connie Jo V., Springfield, IL

"The BEST!!!"

10/31/13 Joyce L., IL

"Best Band around!"

10/19/13 Brandi L., Owner of 88 Pub & Grill, Beardstown, IL VENUE

"Thanks for an awesome show!"

10/18/13 Tom I., Springfield, IL

"rock em good in the town of Beards!! Hipbone Sam 4-ever..."

10/13/13 Eff-it Tees, Business

"Awesome job last night... You guys completely rocked! I probably see hundreds of bands a year and it takes a step above to truly impress me... You guys truly are top notch... Good Stuff."

10/13/13 Michelle W., Manito, IL

"Wow you guys are awesome had a great time.  Everyone's still talking about you."

10/13/13 Connie K., Pekin, IL

"You guys rocked at the Nostaw Party last night!!! I hope to catch you guys playing again sometime :)"

9/22/13 Carl A., Springfield, IL

"you guys rock!"

9/21/13 Brett B., Springfield, IL

"viva Hipbone!"

9/21/13 Evandy's Boatel, Naples, IL VENUE

"Hipbone Sam is becoming a legend in this area!"

9/21/13 Darla P., Lincoln, IL

"Had a GREAT time last night! You guys kick ass! :))"

9/4/13 Rhonda B., Jacksonville, IL

"It was an awesome performance.  Keep rocken the house :)"

9/1/13 Renee H., Meredosia, IL

"An awesome show; of course Hipbone Sam is always awesome!"

8/31/13 Rhonda B., Jacksonville, IL

"Awesome I love me some Hipbone Sam!"

8/31/13 Evandy's Boatel, Naples, IL, Venue

"Fun, energetic talented.  Some of the few words that describe one of the best bands in Central Illinois.  These guys know how to entertain and make you have fun.  You will love Hipbone Sam!  Time for some bongo solos!"

8/29/13 Nancy E., Owner, Evandy's Boatel, Venue

"Hipbone Sam is a one of a kind show!"

8/25/13 Cheri Y., Springfield, IL

"We had a Blast listening to you guys play today! ... Your Awesome"

8/16/13 Bud S., St. Louis, MO

"Great show tonight!  You guys rocked!"

8/12/13 Mary R., Springfield, IL

"What a fun night!!! Can't wait to see you guys again!!! You're the best band!"

7/30/13 Kathy W., Springfield, IL

"u do put some fun in the fun."

7/29/13 Ann F., Springfield, IL Executive Director at Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living

"No better way to celebrate our ADA than with HIPBONE SAM!!"

7/28/13 Susic C., Springfield, IL

"It was wonderful meeting you all Friday night!!! Had a blast!!!"

7/16/13 Russ A., Springfield, IL from Powerhouse Band

"Them boys know how to rock it!"

7/8/13 Tara T. Curran, IL

"Had a great night with awesome people!!"

7/8/13 Debbie W., Pittsfield, IL

"Great times with Hipbone Sam again!"

7/4/13 Veronica P., Jacksonville, IL

"Had a great time with my sisters and dear friends last night enjoying Hip Bone Sam! ...awesome band!!"

6/18/13 Bryan B., Rushville, IL Rushville Car, Truck & Bike Show Coordinator

"Thank you for coming out and putting on a great show.  I have had nothing but positive feedback about the whole day.  Take care and we'll see ya down the road."

6/16/13 Linda M., Rushville, IL

"You guys were great at Rushville IL car show enjoyed every minute hope to get you back in the area again hope to see you soon"

6/16/13 Carol Ann L., Rushville, IL

"You all sounded awesome! Really enjoyed listening to you at the car show today! Keep us posted as to where your playing at!"

6/16/13 Tony W., Macomb, IL

"went to Rushville to see you guys today that was the best.  thank you for the show"

6/15/13 Robin M., Springfield, IL

"Had a great time. You were great!!!"

5/26/13 Debbie W. Pittsfield, IL

"Got to experience your show for the first time last night! (I was one of the bongo drum players :)...loved, loved, loved you guys! Can't wait to have fun with you all again! You are so unique and entertaining. We had an absolute blast :)"

5/26/13 Evandy's Boatel, Naples, IL VENUE

"Thank you Hipbone Sam for a great show!  We can't wait to have you back in July!"

5/26/13 Tammy M., IL

"Was there and had a Blast!! Thank you for the entertainment!!"

5/25/13 Vickie W., Jacksonville, IL

"I took a ride this evening to Naples, IL to go to Evandy's Boatel.  It is beautiful.  It was packed.  I visited with some old friends and listened to the band Hip Bone Sam.  They are very good and entertaining.  Nice guys."

5/25/13 Kathy W., IL

"weeeeeeeeeee had soooooooo much fun... Good times!!!!! ....that was the best band I have heard in a very long time!!!"

5/24/13 Evandy's Boatel, Naples, IL VENUE

"Rain or Shine- With Hipbone Sam, it's gonna be one hell of a time! If you haven't seen these guys, then you are missing out. Hipbone Sam and Evandy's Boatel will be the talk at work on Tuesday morning. Don't miss this great show!"

5/19/13 Zero Tolerance, Lincoln, IL VENUE

"Special Thank You Going Out To Our New Friend HipBone Sam! Fantastic Entertainment! Great Job Guys!! Can't Wait To Do It Again!!"

5/19/13 Chelle T., Lincoln, IL

"Totally enjoyed rockin' the night out with Hip Bone Sam last night at Zero Tolerance in Lincoln, IL! Being a bartender can be fun, especially when you have an awesome band that brings up the crowd in EVERY song they sing and play!  I personally thank you all for making last night a fantastic time!!! Hope to see you all there again sometime soon!!! If you haven't seen these folks in person, your REALLY missing out on a great time!!!!!!!!!!:))"

5/18/13 Traci O., IL

"They were incredible!! I might become a groupie!"

5/12/13 Andrew G., Tulsa, OK

"Great show in Decatur. Glad to come from Tulsa ok to see you much love keep it up."

5/12/13 Joe B., Decatur, IL

"Had a great time at Pop's Place! Hipbone Sam keeps the crowd wanting more.  They are soon to be Decatur's Best Band."

4/1/13 Nancy Evans, Owner, Evandy's Boatel, Naples, IL VENUE

"Hipbone Sam will be rocking the riverfront at Evandy's Boatel this summer!  If you haven't seen these guys yet, then you are missing one hell of a show!"

3/26/13 Nancy W., Thayer, IL

"Best night...best weekend...ever! :)"

3/24/13 Main Street Pub, Thayer, IL VENUE

"Great night at Main Street Pub.  Wanted to thank everyone for coming out and special thanks goes out to Hip Bone Sam for making the night so great."

3/24/13 Stacy R., Springfield, IL

"You were all Amazing last night as usual... So enjoy coming n listening to your band... Thanks for the fun laughter n Music!!!"

3/23/13 Heather C., Springfield, IL

"The entire town of Thayer is here.  Gotta love Hipbone Sam!!"

3/1/13 The Albatross, Springfield, IL VENUE

"hip bone sam on stage tonight!  What a show they put on!! its a party come out!!"

2/15/13 sixth street band, Jonesboro, LA


2/10/13 Bryan S., Curran, IL

"Hipbone is always good for the earhole and the most fun you can have with your pants on!"

1/22/13 Adam C., Springfield, IL

"awesome performance"

1/19/13 The Albatross, Springfield, IL VENUE

"We had so much fun last night!  You guys were great!  Can't wait to do it again!"

1/14/13 Thirdbase Sportsbar, Springfield, IL VENUE

"We LOVE Hipbone Sam!!!"

1/2/13 Kyla C., Murrayville, IL

"You guys rocked the house!  Awesome job!  Can't wait to see you at Crazy Horse!!!"

11/29/12 Bob L., Central IL

"Most awesome open mic yet!  Keep them coming!"

10/27/12  Deanna G., Springfield, IL

"I'm listening to your CD for the second time!  Great job!!..what a fun time last night!"

10/22/12 Duane H., Springfield, IL

"You guys really rocked it!!!!!"

10/14/12 Les H., Stafford, TX

"Just enjoyed listening to "She Walks In"- Well done!"

10/14/12 Evandy's Boatel, Naples, IL VENUE

"That was one great show last night!  Thank you Hipbone Sam Band.  We will definitely be having these guys back."

10/4/12 Greg H., Springfield, IL

"For anybody who has never seen Hipbone Sam, you owe it to yourself to take in a show.  Great music and I guarantee you will not find another show like it!"

9/9/12 Jamiee M., Decatur, IL

"Awesome night.  Thanks guys had the best night of my life.  U guys rock."

8/19/12 Salute, Springfield, IL, VENUE

"Another awesome night of LIVE music Thank You HipBone for rocking our place last night everyone had a great time... it's no wonder you are the number ONE band in Springfield!!!!!!!!"

8/14/12 Stacey D., Springfield, IL


8/14/12 Bud Summers, Artist, St. Louis, MO

"Illinois State Fair saw a great rock-you-out-of-your-chair show by The Hipbone Sam Band at the Miller Tent."

7/29/12 Michelle B., Keokuk, IA

"great band loved rockn the cow with HIPBONE SAM"

7/27/12 Prairie Capital Convention Center, Springfield, IL VENUE

"Hipbone Sam is rocking the stage outside... The PCCC is the place to be tonight!"

6/2/12 Robert B., Saskatchewan

"In our travels around the country we see a lot of live bands and I have to say, you guys are the greatest.  You had the audience rockin and dancing and happy.  Great music and great musicians.  Thanks for an unforgettable and Fun evening... Bob."

5/26/12 John O., Springfield, IL

"Hipbone Sam, you tear it up, you're just the greatest front man ever!"

5/19/12 Pete V., Drummer, Dick Tator & The Tots

"You guys rocked the house at Barney's last night!  Great band, you really know how to treat an audience, and you sounded superb."

4/23/12 Chapps Bar, Litchfield, IL VENUE

"HipBone Sam Band...they are absolutely the most amazing and entertaining musicians around!"

4/2/12 Weebles Bar, Springfield, IL VENUE

"Great time last night.  Thank you guys for everything"

3/14/12 Kathy W., Springfield, IL

"omg gotta love hipbone sam, best band ever"

2/18/12 Kitti H., Roodhouse, IL

"You all were awesome last night!!!!!!!!!!!"

2/15/12 Whyte Panther, Artist, Tuscon, AZ

"really like your stuff... rock on"

2/12/12 Jeff H., Springfield, IL

"Great show last night"

2/9/12 Karen B., Edinburg, IL

"Thanks for such a fun evening!"

2/2/12 Monica Dupont, Artist, San Francisco, CA

"Really dig your music!"

1/28/12 Johne D., Springfield, IL

"Lots of fun thanks!"

1/28/12 Melissa G., Springfield, IL

"That was AWESOME!!!!"

1/20/12 Pat C., Warrensburg, IL

"Always fun times Hipbone Sam!!!!"

1/15/12 Donna S., Owner, Weeble's Bar & Grill VENUE


1/12/12 Patiricia T., Springfield, IL

"Always a fun time when HiPbOnE's in the house!!"

1/10/12 Jeffrey H., Springfield, IL

"Hip Bone Sam is the BEST!"

12/29/11 Craig W., Kirkwood, MO

"Epic!  Nice job last night, what a treat!"

12/8/11 William R., Springfield, IL

"You da Man!  It was a great night!"

12/8/11 Michael C., Springfield, IL

"Hipbone, I really enjoy your shows and energy."

11/20/11 Moon, Sapporo, Japan

"Your funky blues makes me HAPPY."

11/5/11 Dawn M., Springfield, IL

"Thanks for all the fun last night celebrating my birthday.  I had a blast!"

11/1/11 The Legendary Clampetts, Springfield, IL

"We were, and still are, blown away by this guy.  You've never seen anyone with this much energy and positive attitude in your life, you can't help but get happy around the dude."

10/27/11 Bree C., Chatham, IL

"HIPBONE - YOU ARE THE BEST... You are the only band I know that can make the whole crowd smile, laugh and enjoy the entertainment the whole night through."

10/27/11 Mark C., Springfield, IL

"It was fun and you guys were great!  As usual"

10/19/11 Veronica P., Jacksonville, IL

"What a great night - had lots of fun!!!"

10/16/11 Pat C., Warrensburg, IL

"Great fun with Hipbone Sam Band today!  What an awesome day"

10/1/11 Craig W., Kirkwood, MO

"All I can say is WOW!  Great time last night."

9/29/11 dR1, St. Cloud, FR

"Great music, great arrangements, superb producer"

9/13/11 John Revitte, Los Angeles, CA

"Cool guitar tones and textures and vocal in 'Half Empty Room'!!!"

9/13/11 Stephanie F., Springfield, IL

"Awesome performance Saturday night! We had a blast!"

8/29/11 Darren D., Springfield, IL

"Saw you guys at the fair, and was VERY impressed.  You guys are great, fun entertainment.  Breath of fresh air to us cats that love something different!"

8/28/11 Baxter's Vineyards, Nauvoo, IL VENUE

"A BIG thank you to everyone who came out to our Summer Luau and to Hipbone Sam for the amazing music!!! We had a great crowd and couldn't think of a better way to end the summer!"

8/27/11 Tony, Dom & Klint from The Pizza Kings, Canada

"'Grocery Store' great fun tune... great lyrics and creativity... big smiles here."

8/26/11 The Pizza Kings, Canada

"Enjoyed our first listen to Hipbone Sam, the party band.  No doubt a great band to have in for any celebration."

8/17/11 Rhyno Ranch, Springfield, IL

"Hipbone Sam is the man this guy can play!!!!!! go check him out!!!!"

7/8/11 John Revitte, Los Angeles, CA

"Excellent unique vocal, guitar and drums along with a great story in your lyrics on 'She Walks In'!!!"

6/26/11 Brenda K., Greenville, IL

"Oh man, Friday night was rich!  My soul is still smiling.  THANK YOU!!!!!"

5/8/11 Megan S., Sherman, IL

"You were awesome tonight...loved it!!"

4/28/11 Mandy B., Springfield, IL

"The juggernaut of fun that is the Hipbone Sam experience is an enigma unto itself.  It's like a roller coaster of Music, plus Friends mixed with magic and all blended together."

4/28/11 Sam D., Springfield, IL

"Hipbone is arguably the most entertaining guy around.  He devotes a ton of time to benefit work.  If you need a great MC he's your man."

4/27/11 Jeff "Diamond" Vescelius, Round Lake, IL

"...I had the pleasure of watching one of the best entertainers I have ever seen.  Hipbone you are one of a kind.  Thank you for making our weekend special."

4/9/11 Michelle S., Pawnee, IL

"Great show last night at Docker's!  Of course it's always a great show if Hipbone Sam is in the house!!!"

3/30/11 Leslie C., IL

"the show Friday nite was soooo awesome, just tons o fun!!"

3/20/11 Nicole S., Bloomington, IL

"your music had my body amovin and agroovin"

3/19/11 Donna S., Owner, Weeble's Bar & Grill, Springfield, IL VENUE


3/16/11 Ted R., Springfield, IL

"Hip-Bone... U Rock!!!"

2/27/11 Markus M., Springfield, IL

"My wife and I have never had that much fun in our whole life. Thank you Hip-Bone Sam and all of the musicians for an awesome night."

2/27/11 John R., Edingburg, IL

"Hipbone Sam was AWESOME! We had a great time! "Rockin' Blues"! That's what I'm talkin' about!"

2/27/11 Bunkers Bar, Illiopolis, IL VENUE

"Thank you Hipbone Sam...for the awesome night of live entertainment last night!"

2/26/11 Jeff B., Springfield, IL

"Always a good time at the Hipbone Sam jams! What an honor it is to be able to jam with all the GREAT talent that shows up to all the open mic nights! I gotta say, we sure did rock the house last night!"

2/21/11 Roberta H., Springfield, IL

"You guys Rocked it!!! at The Four!!! Sooo fun! : )"

2/20/11 The Final Four Sports Bar & Grill, Sherman, IL VENUE

"Hipbone Sam rocked the Final 4 last night to a packed house!! Always a great time!"

2/19/11 Lisa C., Springfield, IL

"That was an awesome show!!! Always have a blast at your shows!!! You guys ROCK!!!!"

2/16/11 Micky S., Springfield, IL

"had a blast jammin with Hipbone Sam...wanna do it again.  I urge you all to go see him, he's a lot of fun"

2/15/11 Verna & Charlie R., Springfield, IL

"Thanks for making my "50th" fabulous! I really love the band "Hipbone Sam." People were talking about you for days!  You made our night unforgettable"

1/31/11 Brandy K., Springfield, IL

"You Rocked!!!!!"

1/29/11 Frank T., Springfield, IL

"Had a BLAST! Thanks for putting on such an off the chart Open Jam...Dang, you can pack a room!"

1/20/11 Ky La, Springfield, IL

"You sounded great...as always!!"

1/12/11 Herb B., Springfield, IL

"AWESOME show last night at the Koo Koo's some of the best entertainment in town for sure!!"

1/10/11 Susan W., Jacksonville, IL

"Your performance New Year's Day was the best yet. You guys are true entertainers."

1/8/11 Gwen H., Springfield, IL

"The band sounded great and was so fun to watch..."

1/8/11 Patty K., Springfield, IL

"...I really enjoyed the band last night"

1/1/11 Elaine J., Springfield, IL

"Great time last night...perfect way to bring in the New Year!  Thanks!!!"

1/1/11 Lisa C., Springfield, IL

"Last night was awesome... you guys rock!!!"

12/9/10  Illinois Times Band Spotlight, Tom Irwin

"known all over central Illinois as the fun lovin', music makin', get-a-party-goin' Hipbone Sam"

11/14/10 Julie P., Ashland, IL

"Soooo fun & funny!"

10/30/10  Lynna T., Springfield, IL

"Had a GREAT time last night!! What a blast!!"

10/28/10  Michelle S., Pawnee, IL

"Key West loves Hipbone!"

9/26/10 Denise M., Springfield, IL

"...thank you again for the wonderful evening you provided us last night. It was awesome despite the rain and cool breeze, everybody had a great time. Your music is great..."

9/26/10 Michelle M., Springfield, IL

"Thanks for the great show last night at the Sparrows, sounded great and had a blast even with the rain, you guys made the party, can't wait to hear you again."

9/25/10 John V., Springfield, IL

"was a great night had lots of fun hope to do it again real soon yesssss"

9/19/10 Kathy W., Springfield, IL

"you guys were great last night, thanks so much for making Dave's 50th special."

9/13/10 Doug C., Taylorville, IL

"Hipbone Sam, nice job (no, GREAT job) down in Tville Saturday. Can't wait to hear you guys again."

8/23/10 Kristy H., Springfield, IL

"Great show at the APL Music Fest!!! The Hipbone Sam Band totally rocked and Hipbone did an amazing job Emceeing the event!"

8/12/10 Char P., Springfield, IL

"Great group of people to have a good time with, come & join in the fun!!!!"

8/9/10 MaryAnn B., Springfield, IL

"You guys rock!"

8/7/10 Mallory D., Springfield, IL

"You guys were amazing at Rock the Block THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!"

7/27/10 Donna S., Daytona Beach, FL

"I'm lovin' your music, Hipbone! Great stuff, and such fun!!!"

7/26/10 Walt-Mann, Glendale, AZ

"I love the songs...great story my brotha...great story"

7/23/10 James S., Springfield, IL

"Diggin' the music"

7/9/10 Loren D., Tuscon, AZ

"Sam- I love your sound---awesome mix of styles and ridiculously cool vibe!!!"

7/7/10 John R., Los Angeles, CA

"Great visual lyrics on "Weatherman" Your playing is on fire! I have a whole new outlook on the weather now..."

7/1/10 Rose L., Springfield, IL

"gotta say it was fun!!!"

6/10/10 Walt M., Springfield, IL

"Great time last night"

5/31/10 Lee E., Springfield, IL

"had a blast Friday night"

5/26/10 Judi N., Chatham, IL

"your a great entertainer Kevin"

5/26/10 Paul C., Riverton, IL

"What a rockin show...Great job as usual Hipbone... for those of you who missed it...I can't even describe how fun it was."

5/16/10 Juanita G., IL


5/13/10 Naked Bacon, Seattle, WA

"Cool tunes Hipbone!"

5/4/10 David W., Chicago, IL

"Now I want a Grilled Cheese.. Love it!"

4/1/10 Pamela W., Springfield, IL

"I love me some Hipbone Sam!!!!!! Soooo love this!"

2/11/10 Netty Mac, Calgary, AB, CA

"If Head Chef don't put a bounce in yer bun- NOTHING WILL!"

2/9/10 Deborah B., San Diego, CA

"Your music makes me smile"

1/26/10 Sheila T., Springfield, IL

"it is always a fun time with Hipbone Sam!"

1/24/10 John R., Los Angeles, CA

"I'm loving 'Head Chef' That is a great blues rocker!"

1/20/10 Dena's Bar & Grill, Ashland, IL VENUE

"You are always guaranteed a GREAT time when Hipbone Sam is in the house!"

1/16/10 Mark A., Springfield, IL

"Hey Sam! Great job emceein last night at the Center! It was a blast!"

1/15/10 John R., Los Angeles, CA

"Hope Ya Don't Mind is a great song! The spirit of the blues rocks all the way through."

1/13/10 miki x dues, Australia

"nice stuff hipbone sammy fabulous"

12/17/09 Liz W., Peoria, IL

"Love it!"

12/8/09 Bobo R., Springfield, IL

"It's a pleasure listening to your stuff, RAVE ON!!!"

11/27/09 Crystal H., Sherman, IL

"Hipbone Sam is awesome and so much fun!"

11/25/09 Leevanhallam, Nottingham, UK

"Love your style it made me smile thanks"

11/24/09 Song Dogs, Twisp, WA

"The Spirit of the Blues Brothers comes upon Hipbone Sam"

11/23/09 Marija, Calgary, AB, CA

"I'm LOVING this!!  Lol... good for you.. great music, great story telling... Fun and groovin'"

11/22/09 Al R., CATALYST, Scarborough, ON, CA

"Tom Turkey rocks, Love the tunes, Keep on rocking Bro!!!!"

11/17/09 Silken, Vancouver, BC, CA

"Nice blues vive- great harp!"

11/09/09 Live Piano Man, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

"you gots the funk my friend!"

11/5/09 Decatur Blues Society Website

"Hipbone Sam...made an appearance along with Country Bruce Baise and they rocked the house!"

10/19/09 Doris B., Springfield, IL

"I had more fun at your show Sunday than I have had in a very long time.  Thank you for giving such a great show.  I LOVE the Hipbone Stomp.  It was one of my favorites!"

9/19/09 Cynthia C., Springfield, IL

"You know how to entertain."

9/12/09 Julie, Springfield, IL

"...luv ur shows, they r entertaining and original everytime - draws an awesome crowd!!!!"

6/3/09 Paul, Litchfield, IL

"...definitely dig your musical style!"

5/21/09 Illinois Times BAND SPOTLIGHT, Tom Irwin, Springfield, IL

"...Hipbone keeps the music rolling, the players hopping and the crowd rocking."

Hipbone Sam