Hipbone Sam was created by Kevin Hawkins in 1995. In 2009, Kevin started performing as Hipbone Sam full-time, playing with various musicians and hosting open jams. He also started working with Bruce Baise, Bad Bill Robinson, and Hawkeye Kane in the Baisement Studio recording original music, which ultimately resulted in 3 albums and 3 singles. All Hipbone Sam music is for sale on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby, and for streaming on Spotify, and can be heard on TouchTunes and AMI Entertainment Jukeboxes.

Initally, Kevin was performing as Hipbone Sam in solo, duo, and trio formations and as "Hipbone Sam & Friends." In 2010, the band was born thanks to Jimmy Bonefeste, adding "Hipbone Sam Band" to Kevin's available musical formations.

In 2013, Hipbone Sam became sponsored by Coors Light. Soon after, Hipbone Sam officially became a band and all other musical formations were dropped. After performing at numerous fairs, festivals, and events, in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri, for 8 years and nearly 1000 shows, Hipbone's band is not currently touring. During their run, the band won awards for the Illinois Times Best of Springfield for 6 years in a row, and for 4 years for the State Journal Register's Readers' Choice Awards. Thank you fans!

Hipbone Sam (Kevin Hawkins) 2009-2016
Rick Mari 2010-2016
Mark Riefler 2013-2016
Rob Ross 2013-2016
Zack Fedor 2016
Timothy Hawkeye Kane 2010-2015
Country Bruce Baise 2010-2013
Jimmy Bonefeste 2010-2013
Bad Bill Robinson 2010-2011

Musicians who also performed with Hipbone Sam at various shows between 2010-2016:
Jeff Young, Nick Sperry, Jeff Bechtel, Ed Williamson, Walt McLaren, Harry Lounsberry, Kyle Kieszling, Brian Arnold, Steve Jackson, Ed Selinger, Dan Grover, Ed Eden, Norm Hansel, Dale Canham.

On 1/1/17, the band performed their final show for a standing room only packed house at The Triangle in Woodson, IL.

Hipbone Sam is now actively writing and producing new material, and will be performing as an independent musician once again. "Stay tuned, rock on, and let me hear ya say YEAH!" Hipbone Sam

Hipbone Sam